Assignments + Grade Distribution

Participation: The class participation marks take into consideration attendance, participation in class activities and completion of homework assignments—reading and research (15%).

Research Project (Proposal/Oral Presentation/Annotated Bibliography): Students are asked to conduct research on a film genre or movement not discussed in class.  The assignment involves a proposal, an oral presentation and an annotated bibliography.

  •  The proposal will outline the chosen genre, the approach you plan to take in the research (what is it that you want to learn about the genre), and should include a preliminary bibliography of two to four sources.  Due September 21/22 Proposal 10%
  • The oral presentation will form part of a group presentation on a common genre types. Each individual part should make reference to the common theme but focus on a specific aspect, not discussed by the others.  The group’s presentation should describe the characteristic features of the genre or sub-genre, the historical context within which it emerged, key directors or screenwriters and films and say something about its changing over time.  Individual presentations should focus on one aspect of the topic, by choosing a period or a filmmaker to discuss in more detail.  These individual presentations should offer facts and analysis and will be evaluated for the scope and quality of research demonstrated in the presentation and the relevance and analysis of the chosen film illustration (a clip of 5 minutes from a key film).  Presentations are scheduled for October 19/20 and October 26/27.  The oral presentation is worth 20%
  • Finally, students must submit an annotated bibliography summarizing four reference materials used in the research project.  The materials should be properly cited and the summaries should include a brief description of the scope of the material reviewed and a short summary of elements of particular interest to your own research. The annotated bibliography is valued at 15% of your mark and will be due the date of your presentation.

Film Analysis: Students are asked to write an analysis of a contemporary genre film of your choice, paying attention to the ways in which the selected film corresponds to and departs from classical genre conventions.  The departures should be analyzed historically. 750 – 1000 words Due November 9/10The analysis is worth 20% of your mark.  It should include a thesis statement introducing the film and its generic identity, a brief discussion about how corresponds to and departs from type, and an analysis of one or two key scenes from the film that demonstrate this films common and distinctive generic features.  Finally, the paper should be reviewed and polished before submitting it.  5% of the total mark will be given over to style.

Genre Tableau  Project: The Genre Tableaux project requires students to stage and photograph a scene from a genre film of their own design.  Care must be taken in choosing the location for the film and the actors, and in set, costume, lighting and shot design.  You also need to title the work and submit a brief statement describing the genre you’ve represented and how you’ve adapted it to your time and place. Due November 30/31.  Tableau 15%/Statement 5%

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